These examplefiles can be imported directly into PaC-DK. These will show you some of the possibilities you will have when creating adventures with PaC-DK.

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Download Projectfile

The Demo Adventure

This demo adventure shows nearly all functions of the PaC-DK Game engine. Play the game and after that download the ADZ file to see how its done.

Download (ADZ)

Transform Objects Demo

Shows some possibilities of the new feature transformobj zeigt.

Download (ADZ)

Smoothing Demo

Shows how different smoothing values affect object movement.

The following examplefiles were made for older versions of PaC-DK, but they still work. All these functions are used in the demo adventure.

Download (ADZ)

Textout Demo

A demo that shows all different kinds of textlines used in games.

Download (ADZ)

Enter Text Demo

Shows how to use the Entertext instruction.

Download (ADZ)

Particle Demo

Shows 5 variants of particleeffects created with the particlegenerator of PaC-DK.

Download (ADZ)

Slidebar Demo

Shows how to create slidebars and dragndrop items.

Download (ADZ)

Lightning Demo

Shows how to use the specialeffect "Lightning"

Download (ADZ)


A simple minigame where you have to catch coins. Uses objectmovement and a simple collisiondetector.

Download (ADZ)


Wack-A-Rat, a well known minigame.

Download (ADZ)

Pong Demo

The classic realized with PaC-DK.

Download (Game)

Test Adventure

This was the first test adventure i made to test the first version of the PaC-Dk Engine. Don't expect much :P

Download (ADZ)

Gamepad Demo

Shows all features of the gamepad support.